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LoSeafood.com is Malaysia's fast growing Online Premium Frozen Seafood Supply and Home Delivery Provider! We ship right to your door and you can choose variety of  seafood product over our PRODUCT PRICELIST section. Seafood can serve during steamboat and BBQ gathering. Visit our RECIPE section for our secret recipe.

Let's take a minute to learn about frozen seafood and loseafood.com

Buy FROZEN SEAFOOD from LoSeafood.com?

- WHY should I buy frozen compare to fresh seafood?

Frozen seafood is freeze when they are fresh. Fresh (ice-cooled) seafood are fresh when the time they are being keep in ice-cool, are them still fresh in un-freeze condition when it reach you after several days? Believe it or not, usually more than half the sushi you get at your favorite restaurant is previously frozen

- Don't you know that you are consuming frozen seafood every day?

Usually, you consume so call "fresh" seafood from your favorite fishmonger right away or keep it in your freezer for later consumption? Do you aware that you are actually consuming frozen seafood daily?

- Frozen Seafood technology

With -40°C technology, our frozen seafood can "lock fresh" better.

- Are you like to have seafood delivery service to your home like fast food chain out there?

LoSeafood.com reduces your hassle to walk in fish market and direct delivery to your door, even apartment or condo.

- WHY should I trust quality from LoSeafood.com?

Our seafood products are check by a 30 years' experience fisherman.

- What's your different compare to traditional fishmonger?

Our seafood product and price are transparent. Our price, seafood product size and picture are 100% as per showing on our website. What you see from the picture is what you will get later.

- I got no idea on how to order.

Go to our Order Now, and submit all your info and necessary order, our sales personnel will contact you. You can also email or SMS us your quantity with product code, then our sales personnel will contact you soonest possible.

- How was your delivery service?

We use private car delivery service; our KPI is to achieve 100% on time delivery.

- Who is our target market?

You love seafood? You love online shopping? You love quality? Then, you are the one. Visit our online catalog now.

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