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Sweet & Sour Prawn Recipe 甜酸虾
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Sweet & Sour Prawn Recipe 甜酸虾
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I love sweet and sour dishes, credit should give to my wife who surprise me with her sweet and sour prawn during her first try. This dish is really simple to cook if you able to get your husband to help on the preparation.

This is a vibrantly colourful and delicious dish - not to mention auspicious as well since 虾 (prawn) is also the same pronunciation as laughter in Chinese, hence this is a choice dish during festive occasions especially during Chinese New Year.

10 large prawns (tails on)
Little sugar and salt to marinate prawns
2-3 tb sps of oil for shallow-frying the garlic
3-4 pcs garlic chop in small pieces
4-5 tb sps of water to stir with the sauce

Prepare sauce:

½  bowl of ketchup (any brand will do)
½  bowl of chili source (any brand will do)
1-2 tb sps of sugar (or to taste)
1-2 tb sps oyster sauce (or to taste)


Thaw freeze prawn in the water - Take out some prawn from the freezer, to thaw it faster, sink it in water. After thaw, shells off the shrimp and only tails on. Using a sharp knife, make a shallow slit down the back of the shrimp and remove the vein.


Remove the vein.