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Healthy Teo Chew Crab Porridge潮洲蟹粥
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Healthy Teo Chew Crab Porridge潮洲蟹粥
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Ingredients: Rice, Crab and Ginger

Preparation to cook flower crab porridge:

1. Crab: Carefully separate flower crab with its shell, clean stomach, cut claw, then cut into blocks of 4 is sufficient for each 1 crab.

2. Clean and Shredded ginger

3. Wash rice grains, fill pot with water and cook it. You can easily add more water during cooking if the water dries out.

4. Once it comes to a boil, reduce heat to a low simmer. Leave the lid partially opened. This step is very important. Otherwise, the water will bubble out of the lid and create terrible mess and also pose a potential hazard.

5. Now and then (about every 3 minutes or so), use a soup ladle to gently scrap the bottom of the pan to loosen and dislodge the rice grains that stick to the bottom.