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Fried Lala Recipe九重葛叶炒拉拉
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Fried Lala Recipe九重葛叶炒拉拉
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1kg Lala
Bougainvillea leaves九重葛叶
1 tsp dry chili puree
5 - 6 pieces garlic (chopped in small)
1 litter seawater (pack it in bottle from beach site)
3 - 4 tsp oil


Not require seasoning for this dish as LALA itself will release the natural salt and fresh juice

This is the most fun dish that you ever experience. Why it is FUN? Have your imagine that whole family member gather on beach side and work very hard to dig LALA from the surface of the beach. LALA is distributed everywhere at the beach site. We screamed here and there and scooped on the beach site for LALA.
We did attract few white guy come across us and they was interest on it too. Unfortunately, we can really serve them for the hot cook LALA.
Although is under the hot sun but everyone is enjoyable. I like this very much!!

Below picture can see that LALA was surrounded by sand, so wash it with fresh water for 1-2 times to clean up sand. Remember do not keep LALA in fresh water for too long, as this may "KILL" LALA that habit in seawater

Soak LALA in seawater that you bring from beach side, this step is very IMPORTANT, as this can make LALA breathing and spit out sand inside the shell. Sandy shellfish will give you very bad experience while eating.

After 2-3 hours LALA soak in seawater, remove it and wash it with fresh water for 2-3 times to clean up sand and drain it in bracket.

Heat up the wok with oil, then put in the garlic and fry till aromatic.