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8 things we'd like you to understand
1) Our aim is to give you top quality SEAFOOD. We hate making compromises. We do not aim to be cheap. We aim to be the best.

2) All our fish is combination of fresh & frozen. Selling fresh fish requires too many compromises, therefore, we sell it in frozen. However, we do take great care to ensure our fish is very fresh at the point of freezing. Most of time, loseafood's frozen seafood are taste better than so call fresh seafood at wet market. We defy you to be able to tell the difference between our frozen fish and fresh fish, when it is cooked and on the plate.

3) We want to be best for service as well as best for product. Fish is very perishable, so deliveries must arrive at the right place and on time. We take a lot of care to make sure your order arrives in perfect condition.

4) LoSeafood HALL is for people who want to fill up their freezer with several meals-worth of fish.

5) LoSeafood HALL orders are mainly delivered in frozen - we guarantee it. This saves you the time and trouble of freezing it yourself. (And home freezing is SLOW freezing - that's bad for your eating experience.)

6) We have the widest range of any fish retailer - nearly 300 lines. This includes many spectacular items which you simply cannot obtain from anywhere else. Check out our crab clusters! Try our marvelous paella pack!

7) Because our standards are so high, we can offer you a no quibble guarantee: If you are unhappy, we will refund or replace. You only need to ask.

8) We really like your feedback and questions. We welcome callers and you'll get straight through to a really nice person....