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LoSeafood Supply and Delivery Newsletter Vol 5

Seafood Knowledge from Frozen Seafood Home Delivery Expert LoSeafood.com

Today's promotion: Prawn/大虾 (41-50 Pcs /Box) MYR 25.00/Box

Now only MYR 19.00/Box (valid till 22nd March 2013 11.59pm)


As business man, your product is always the best and cheapest in price, am I right?

In seafood industry, how do you define fresh and cheap? Is cheap more important than FRESH (quality) seafood? For seafood, you are recommended to choose better quality seafood instead of cheap seafood.

In Malaysia, seafood is usually harvest from East Coastal of Peninsular, West Coastal of Peninsular, Sabah and Sarawak.

Theoretically both east and west coastal are harvesting similar seafood product.
Don't you know that we can propose you the best seafood for that particular coastal area?
Don't you know seafood eating sensuality is very much different for different coastal area?

What seafood product from East Coastal of Peninsular is taster than West Coastal of Peninsular?

Squid, Cuttlefish, Prawn, Sea Cucumber, Slipper Lobster, Ikan Haji and etc.

What seafood product from West Coastal of Peninsular is taster than East Coastal of Peninsular?

Red snapper, Grouper, Kembong Fish, White Pomfret and etc.

WHY LoSeafood selling several product from Indonesia instead of Malaysia?

Different coastal area produce different specialty seafood product. Do you know that it is difficult to find nice size of Coral Trout and Chinese Pomfret from East and West Coastal of Peninsular Malaysia? If your fishmonger told you that their Coral Trout is from East and West of Peninsular Malaysia, do not believe them. They are cheating. For Coral Trout and Chinese Pomfret, just nice size to consume is around 800gm to 1KG.

Usually frozen prawn will label with Prawn 21-25, Prawn 26-30 and so on. What does 21-25 stand for?

Prawn 21-25 meaning that in 1 KG of prawn (net, without glaze) has 21 to 25 pieces. In seafood industry, we usually count it with this method (21+25)/2 = 23 pieces. If each box net weight is 750gm, then 0.75kg X 23 pieces = Around 17 pieces each box. Please check net weight of each product before placing your order.

For e.g., Our  Prawn/大虾 (21-25 Pcs /KG) Kuantan, net weight is 900gm and selling price @ RM42. Don't you think that it is much cheaper than Prawn21-25 net weight 750gm @ RM37.5?

LoSeafood selling Coral Trout /七星斑杀好@ RM80/KG, but other supplier selling @ RM70/KG? WHY LoSeafood is much more expensive!

Please confirm with your supplier, is their coral trout cleaned? Usually cleaned seafood product will sell at higher price, WHY? Price for cleaned seafood product is actually base on before devein and selling price included labour to clean it. Remember that cleaned seafood can consume conveniently.

We receive many inquiry "we do not know how to clean seafood, please clean it for us".

Please bear in mind that unclean seafood is taste better than cleaned one. The process to clean the seafood will actually kill it's freshness. Therefore, we only do it for several products that suitable to be sold in cleaned condition.

WHY we selling frozen instead of LIVE seafood.

Don't you know that LIVE seafood are caught and place in the aquarium until they ready to consume. How do you know how long it been store in the aquarium when the fish or crab are in "DIET" condition.
With -40 degree frozen technology, our frozen seafood can easily store up to 6 months.

WHERE to collect my order?

No worry. You order, We deliver. Let our delivery team handle your order.

Step 1: Please place your order via email or SMS
Step 2: Order Verified By Our Team By Phone
Step 3: Enter Your Details & Complete Order
Step 4: Order Ready to Ship


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