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LoSeafood Supply and Delivery Newsletter Vol 1

Order White Snapper/Red Snapper/Grouper/Black Promfret/Stingray/Sea Cucumber/Kerisi from LoSeafood.com with Delivery Service



LoSeafood.com is a leading online retailer for frozen seafood supplier and delivery in Klang Valley, Malaysia. The reason we are focus on frozen seafood instead of fresh (ice-cooled) seafood is :-

- We able to maintain quality of our frozen product instead of so call “fresh” seafood with ice-cooled. Think twice, how do you confirm seafood in pasar (wet market) is fresh?

- Believe it or not, usually more than half the sushi you get at your favorite restaurant is previously frozen. Properly frozen seafood is completely safe for raw consumption. We keep our frozen seafood in -20 degrees coolers until you order it. It will still in frozen when it reach to your door. It's okay to freeze our frozen seafood for later consumption

- We do provide private car delivery.

What type of seafood we are selling?
- Currently we carry only frozen seafood in order to maintain its premium quality

How does shipping work?

- Currently we only ship to Klang Valley, Malaysia
- All confirmed order will deliver on Saturday and Sunday only once receives deposit.


In Fisherman’s Choice section. We will regularly update seasonal seafood that recommended by our own fisherman. Item in this section is 100% local Malaysia seafood. Our entire product is CHEMICAL FREE!

On sale items

- White snapper, Red Snapper, Grouper, Black Promfret, Stingray, Sea Cucumber, Kerisi


For own consume or for business, you may interested on our other seafood products that we can guarantee regular supply.

Mantis Prawn Meat

We will make our best to satisfy your entire request

LoSeafood - Fish

Quality and safety are our No.1 concern for both customers and employees alike.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee promise. Our employees are empowered to ensure all customers are satisfied. As the owner of LO frozen Seafood Supply and Delivery, please feel free to contact me.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we have the finest seafood and service anywhere. My staff and I look forward to serving you soon – Bon Appetit!

Sincerely yours,

Harry Lo

Business Owner

Currently, we are running SEAFOOD DELIVERY service in KLANG VALLEY.

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