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Seafood Steamboat海鲜火锅 - Page 2
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Seafood Steamboat海鲜火锅
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For Prawn, cut prawn head and leg with scissors, devein with toothpick (as this can ensure that prawn can have better appearance than devein with hand). Keep prawn in ICE water to keep cool and remain fresh longer.

Cuttlefish need to be cleaned and cut in small slice, remain it in ICE cool water until you consume it. This is to keep it fresh and delicious.

Soak the fish maw in water to make it soft . How to prepare fish maw?

Here with all our ingredients for our reunion seafood steamboat.. Yummy Yummy!!!

While all ingredients is ready, prepare the steamboat pot, poured in around half pot water (depends on size of your steamboat pot) then heat up it.

As soon as soup heated, put in fish maw, mushroom, asparagus, seafood tauhu, Yuba and chicken sauce meat ball. This batch is for food that need longer time to cook. You can now chili, tomato and soy saurce as seasoning for ready meal later.