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Seafood Steamboat海鲜火锅
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Seafood Steamboat海鲜火锅
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2 Whole  Fish
1 Pack Seafood Tau Hu  
1 Pack Fishball
1 Pack Chicken Meat Ball
5 Slice of Yuba Stuffed Fish and Meat
1 Can Mushroom
1 Can Asparagus
1 Kg of Prawn
1 KG Cuttlefish
3 Pieces Fish Maw
1 Pack of Lettuce
5 Pieces Tau Hu
Some fried onion with oil
Soy sauce, Chili and Tomato Sauce as seasoning

We grow up from fishing village and our family are penetrate on fishery industry. Reunion Seafood steamboat on Chinese New Year Eve is a must and become tradition in our life.

It is a great moment we can group together to share and laugh during steamboat. That is why Reunion Steamboat is what I most waiting for.

It may take some time to prepare ingredients for our most awaiting Seafood Steamboat.

For fish, cut it into slice and place it in plate nicely.

Take out seafood tauhu, fishball, chicken sauce meat ball, and Yuba stuffed fish and meat from freezer and thaw it under room temperature for 30 minutes - 1 hour. Separate it in different plate for convenient later.

Open Mushroom and Asparagus can, drain it in basket and wash it with pipe water.



For Prawn, cut prawn head and leg with scissors, devein with toothpick (as this can ensure that prawn can have better appearance than devein with hand). Keep prawn in ICE water to keep cool and remain fresh longer.

Cuttlefish need to be cleaned and cut in small slice, remain it in ICE cool water until you consume it. This is to keep it fresh and delicious.

Soak the fish maw in water to make it soft . How to prepare fish maw?

Here with all our ingredients for our reunion seafood steamboat.. Yummy Yummy!!!

While all ingredients is ready, prepare the steamboat pot, poured in around half pot water (depends on size of your steamboat pot) then heat up it.

As soon as soup heated, put in fish maw, mushroom, asparagus, seafood tauhu, Yuba and chicken sauce meat ball. This batch is for food that need longer time to cook. You can now chili, tomato and soy saurce as seasoning for ready meal later.



After 5 minutes, only put in the prawn, fish and cutterfish and also fried onion with oil for another heat up.

Once all is cooked then only put in the lettuce ,  finally then here come out the seafood steambaot ready for serve. Here also we will around the table and start our Chinese New Year Eve dinner joyfully with lot of laugh.


Prawn, cuttlefish and fish are quick cooked foods, so suggest to cook it for a short time will do to avoid overcooked. Eg, prawn while turn in red colour means it ready to serve , fish while turn to white colour will ready to eat and cutterfish while curling it also time to serve.