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Salt Steam Fish盐焗鱼


25 x Small fish


12 tsp salt

We would like to introduce a very cool method of steam fish, salt steam fish, which is similar concept for salted chicken concept. Be sure that fresh your fish in our picture must be very fresh. This is actually an recipe for fishing village.

First, heat up the wok without oil,  put on 4 tsp of salt on wok then put in around 12-13pcs fish as first layer, after that, equally shed another 4tsp salt on top of the first layer fish then put in the balance 12-13pcs fish as second layer , last equally shed of the balance 4tsp salt on top of the second layer fish.  Then cover it, stifling for 15 minutes with hot gas OR 20-25 minutes with middle gas.

Time up, open the cover. Wow...the slat and aromatic smell will make you feeling hungry. What to wait for! Dinner time now... Yeah!!


-While serving this dish, please prepare some newspaper to cover on your dinning table as you will need to remove the fish skin and it will be sticky on it, although a bit messy but definitely you will like it.
-Dun worry it will not be smell although no serving it hot.
- Too much of slat? No worries the fish would not be too salt as it stifling with skin and vein. Believe me, it will be much more nice and great with the slat stifling.