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Dark Soy Selar Fish Recipe

Recipe Ingredients:
2 X Selar FIsh
4 - 6 pcs garlic
5 dry chillies, chopped it half
1-2 tsp cooking oil


Defrost Selar Fish and remove the vein.

Wash and clean both garlic and dry chilli. For garlic, knock it for taste easily melt out. Cut each dry chilli into 2 pieces.

Heat up 1-1.5liter of water in your wok. Add in garlic, dry chilli and 1 tsp of dark soy. Heat up for 10 minutes on high heat until aromatic.

Add in Selar fish and continue heat it for another 10-15 minutes, depend on size of the fish.

Yeah.... Dark Soy Selar Fish is ready to serve.

This is my favorite dish especially on working day as my kitchen won't get greasy. This dish is very simple and delicious for any fresh fish.