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How to Prepare Fish Maw如何准备鱼鳔?


3 - 4 long fish maw
1 small bowl of oil (around 10 tsp)

Do you know that Fish Maw is very expensive and very hardly to find fresh and delicious in the market.

Our fish maw are harvest by our own fishing boat in Kuantan, dry it on board and your order for fish maw from LoSeafood.com is only prepare upon request.

Do you know how fish maw looks like? No? Most of fish maw on the market is ready cook. :)

Anyway, it Is very easy to prepare fish maw from raw by our own,  let start it now.

Cut with scissors into 3 - 4 small pieces for each long fish maw.

Heat up the oil in wok , make sure it is hot enough then only the fish maw will swell while fried.

Put in some fish maw into the hot wok for fried, in the same time you will see the fish maw swell. Fried it till golden color then remove and keep aside. Repeat the same way with the balance fish maw till all finished.

Soak in water for prepare to use.


- Keep the fish maw in dry and clean areas.
- For fish maw to swell better, dry it under hot sun for several hours, for e.g. 2 - 3 hours.
- To keep it's good taste, consume it within the same day.
- The way to fry fish maw is same concept while you frying prawn crackers.